Furniture Care

The most important thing to remember about any piece you have purchased is to enjoy it, use it and do not worry too much about damage. Most furniture will be damaged at some point in its long life, so relax and use your furniture.

We recommend that you exercise common sense. The following list does not cover all situations to avoid or what effect an action may have on your piece of furniture. These are our suggestions based on our experience, although we are not professional furniture restorers:

  • Do not leave products close to a heater or air-conditioner, this may cause fracture or a change in colour.
  • Do not let children jump on sofas or beds. This may cause damage to products or personal injury.
  • Never use an armrest to sit on as this could damage it

Teakwood General Care Instructions:

free maintenance teak oil is included with each purchase
  • Use a clean and dry cloth for basic dusting. Avoid using any kind of detergent on teak wood
  • Maintenance teak oil helps protect the teak, as well as making it look beautiful. It can also help remove stains on wooden furniture, as well as preventing cracking
  • To maintain clean and shiny wooden furniture use our maintenance teak oil to polish, once every two months. Pour a small amount of oil onto the piece of furniture or onto a cloth and lightly polish. Do not rub too hard, nor try to force the oil into the wood, it should be applied in a smooth motion with the grain to avoid any scratching
  • Do not leave anything wet on a teak surface (or indeed on any wood surface) as this will leave a mark. Items that may stain are; wet glasses, plants, spilled water/liquids, cold bottles of any liquid, where condensation will form


Upholstered Pieces: Fabric

Although, we are not professional fabric cleaners, we have faced the challenge of cleaning our own upholstered fabrics that have become dirty. Here are a few general rules to follow:
  • Our fabrics are all produced with water repellent protector. You may vacuum or brush the fabric to clean it. Never use sellotape on upholstery; it will damage the surface & pile
  • We suggest that Scotch Guard 3M protector be sprayed on light colour fabrics, immediately after purchase, to defend against stains.
  • If tea, coffee or juice is spilt, clean with a well squeezed-out cleaning cloth with a little white soap. Sponge the stain gently, do not be too rough, as you may damage the fibres permanently.
  • If you use a cleaning solution of any type, test it on an area that does not show before you use it on the area affected (ie bottom of the cushion, back of the sofa, etc…)


PU Leather

Our PU Leather is a very durable material,here are a few tips for its life-long care:
  • Be careful if you are wearing indigo dyed denim when sitting on a light colour sofa, it may stain the sofa.
  • If you spill a liquid on your PU leather, wipe it up quickly, to ensure it does not soak in to the leather. Wipe it off with a damp cloth and then follow that with a dry cloth.

Real Leather

Use specific leather cleaning kits. Do not use any chemical or liquid to clean as it may damage the leather.