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About us
The products of style50s make life better, healthier and happier. Beautiful objects enhance the quality of life. Human beings have a close relationship with any element of beauty to improve people's quality of life. Combing design and liftstyle high techolgy products aiming to become a private healthy company, our overall business relfects the vision of healthy living not only in our homes but also by expanding to everyone that we loved.


We Emphasize superior design and style, as well as product quality and durability. Great design has emotional power and the ability to infuse beauty into everyday objects, however, we are concerned not only with the quality of the objects we produce, but also the aulity of life of the people who use them. We work with artists, psychologists and anthropologists to study the emotional power of objects to explore new concepts of life.






We Listen, we create, you enjoy! 

the process is to choose good from.

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Style50s also specializes in interior design. We are committed to providing our clients with a full range of professional interior design and construction service. please visit our new interior website: www.style50s.design 
Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another, Firmly embraces a philosophy of living large in a smaller space. Smart, subtle storage solutions combine with light decor to create a feeling of complete spaciousness.